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The Observatory+The Laboratory+The Training+The EduTechno+

“The important thing is to know what to observe.”


Maintain sustainable partnerships with the various educational, para-public, public and private organizations committed to digital transformation;

Closely monitor the state of affairs and predictions of the future of work in the age of artificial intelligence;

Establish a strategic vision of innovative pedagogical practices and training strategies in the digital and artificial intelligence era in three contexts:

  • Educational Environment
  • Para-public environment
  • Public and private enterprise

Contribute to the Chair’s open-access resource bank

  • Professional associations to join
  • Peer-reviewed journals to examine
  • Magazines and websites to follow
  • Blogs and podcasts to discover
  • Books to browse
  • Work from home and online collaboration tools to explore
  • Not-to-be-missed conferences
  • Glossaries of pertinent terms to know
  • Resources and initiatives to counter deepfakes to browse
  • and more (the list is continuously expanding)