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Emancipatory content, connections & experiences for the future of education

October 12, 2021 12:00

After 18 months of a global pandemic, the central role and place of higher education in society has never been this disrupted.  As the pandemic unfolded and courses moved online in over 100 countries, existing issues were highlighted. Disparities in diversity, equality, and equity were exposed. Course delivering bodies that package smaller credentials as academic currency started challenging traditional education institutions. 

Student populations expressed the need to become better networked, and content-heavy courses were highly criticized. With the rapidly evolving demographics and technologies, a focus on inclusive, democratized, and participatory aspects to lifelong learning is becoming the norm rather than the exception. Our three featured panelists, Dr. Tanja Tajmel, Dr. Nadia Naffi, and Dr. Ann-Louise Davidson discussed new developments for the future of education and new approaches to designing course content, building connections, and designing learning experiences that prepare the students for the future of work and full participation in society.