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Active – FormationMeta : Training about, through, and in the metaverse

In collaboration with the Université Laval Library and OVA, the metaverse training project took place in an innovative space on the second floor of the Library. This space was equipped to accommodate an interdisciplinary group of undergraduate and graduate students to experiment with the StellarX software and to design and develop training adapted to the users of ULaval’s library.


Provide students in education and educational technology and other disciplines with exploratory hands-on/experiential training that will enable them to develop much-needed and expected skills in the design and development of immersive learning experiences in the metaverse. This project may expand in future semesters by including it in the faculty of education’s educational technology courses, as well as in other courses in other faculties where immersive training will facilitate the transfer of learning to the workplace

Explore the possibility of taking the Library into the immersive world with innovative training for its audience

Position ULaval as a leader in educational technology innovation through the innovative training research component. The process of creating training in an immersive world will be documented and analyzed, but also the training created will be piloted and feedback from learners will be collected and analyzed. The results and recommendations will be shared in a report (white paper) as well as scientific and professional articles and oral communications, with the Laval University community, especially the members of the faculty of education and the teaching support service, the Commission des études, and then with the general public and in different adult learning and training contexts

Team Leads

Nadia Naffi

Lead Researcher

Chair in Educational Leadership (CLE) in Innovative Pedagogical Practices in Digital Contexts – National Bank at Université Laval

Andréane Sicotte

Higher Education Consultant

Library – Services Directorate

Catherine Lamy

Librarian Specialized in Higher Education

Library – Services Directorate

Interns and Research Assistants

Awatif Azendour

Research Assistant

Sivime El Tayeb El Rafei

Research Assistant

Marie Sarone Kolfir

Research Assistant

Eduardo de Arruda

Research Assistant

Audrey-Ann Poulin

Research Assistant

The Project

Internship Report

By Manon Boulanger
(Document in French)

By Parnaz Rasti Boroujeni
(Document in French)

Project presentations

Sharings of the project

The team in action

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