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Meet the Chair’s Research and Teaching Assistants

Paula Casillas is a Ph.D candidate in literature, performing and screen arts at Laval University. She has great organization and event management skills, effectively communicating using social media, negotiating with international partners and managing budgets. Paula demonstrates strong cultural awareness and gives great importance to languages, Spanish, French, English and Italian have allowed her to connect with many people from all over the world. 

Paula is research assistant (Winter 2021) to the Chair with particular focus on enhancing media visibility.

To contact Paula:

Eddens Firmé is a doctoral candidate in educational technology at Laval University. He has also completed his doctoral courses in educational administration and holds a master’s degree in didactics at Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico in the United States as well as a bachelor’s degree in education.

Passionate of the integration of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for all at the level of higher education, his interest encompasses terms such as access and efficient use of digital technology amid groups from the immigration especially immigrant and international students. He is also interested in creating and improving virtual platforms for delivering online courses. With extensive experience in the field of immigration, he is currently working on his doctoral research project entitled “From the divide to digital inequalities: analysis of the typology of digital profile of immigrant in Montreal”.

During the Summer and Fall semesters 2020, through the Mitacs Research Training Fellowship and the Chair, he conducted a systematic review describing the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on existing inequalities among immigrant and international students and the new forms that she produced.

Coralie Reynaud is a student in Educational Technology in parallel to her full-time job in the Service de l’Ingénierie Pédagogique et de l’Innovation, at the Cégep à distance in Montreal. With two master’s degrees in law and a few years of teaching experience, she specializes in Copyright law within the academic field. The general tendency towards transitioning to online education, accelerated by the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, has led Coralie to participate in discussions about stakes with legal ramifications such as: the publication of educational material and the sharing of resources within the academic network, the use and development of open educational resources, hybrid courses, universal accessibility, etc.

Coralie is the teaching assistant for the course TEN 7001 Approche systémique et analyse de besoins for the fall 2020 semester. 

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Azeneth Patino is a Ph.D. candidate in Educational Technology and research assistant at Laval University. Her research interests are threefold: the pedagogical integration of technologies in education and continuing education, learning through digital games, and second or foreign language learning. She is also a consultant as a pedagogical designer of educational serious games.

As a research assistant for the Chair (fall 2019 – winter 2020), Azeneth worked on a panorama of the use of social media and emerging technologies in training experiences, competencies development, as well as in higher education for the 4th industrial revolution.

To contact Azeneth:, Twitter and ResearchGate

Holder of a Master’s degree in Political Science and International Cooperation in Paris, Edem is currently studying for a Master’s degree in Administrative Sciences with a thesis. He is interested in topics related to compliance with environmental standards as well as communication strategies in organizations.
His experience in communication and project management in Canada, France and in African countries are assets that he associates with his current field of study. He was project manager for Africa and communication assistant, respectively within, a digital transformation company in Paris, and at the headquarters of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. He is currently contributing in terms of communication strategy to the Youth Observatory of Oxfam Quebec.

Edem is convinced that communication within organizations is one of the keys to their development and that digital technology can be an asset for both the education and mining sectors.

To contact Edem : et Twitter 

Céleste Savoie is currently pursuing a master’s degree in translation and terminology. She previously obtained a bachelor’s degree in French studies, specializing in literature, at Université de Moncton (NB). She is interested in language teaching, as well as translation in the administrative and financial fields.

As a research assistant for the Chair (summer 2020), Céleste was responsible for formatting, proofreading, and transcribing the various interviews, as well as organizing the data.

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Isabelle Fournel is currently studying for a bachelor’s degree in psychology at Laval University. Passionate about human behavior and counseling, she achieves to develop her interests by volunteering on an active listening service for people suffering from mental disorders and loneliness. She is involved in research by contributing to projects concerning dreams and father-child relationships. Recipient of the Governor General’s Bronze Academic Medal of Canada, Isabelle wishes to pursue her university studies with a Ph.D. in psychology.

As a research assistant for the Chair (summer 2020), Isabelle accomplished the transcription, correction and layout of interviews for the project A Practical Bilingual Guide for the Short-Term Transition to Online Courses and the Longer-Term Digital Transformation of Education for Centres for Teaching and Learning in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

To contact Isabelle :

Ndèye Rokhy Diongue is a doctoral student in Educational Technology. Student engagement in digital contexts is at the heart of her research. Her doctoral project is entitled: étude spatio-numérique de l’engagement-étudiant dans la formule comodale. Rokhy’s interests include the transformations in undergraduate pedagogical practices, student engagement and perseverance, learning spaces and technological innovation.

Rokhy was the teaching assistant for the course TEN 7006 Design de systèmes d’enseignement et de formation for the winter 2020 semester. You can read Rokhy’s reflective piece about this comodal experience here. As part of her tasks, Rocky also prepared an overview of synchronous and asynchronous online collaboration tools to facilitate formal and informal learning experiences in higher education.

To contact Rokhy:

Khaoula Mourdi is an MS student in Operations and Decision Systems at the Faculty of Business Administration. Khaoula has a diverse and multidisciplinary academic and professional profile and is always passionate about contributing to the world of research.

As a research assistant (fall 2019 – winter 2020), Khaoula led the projets Map of tech spaces in the province of Quebec and Map of research centres in the province of Quebec.

To contact Khaoula:

Originally from the Reunion Island, Chloé Maillet left her native island to study at the University of Grenoble Alpes where she obtained her degree in Modern Literature and Digital Humanities in 2019. Her experience in e-health led her to discover how technologies help to raise awareness of health issues among populations. Her passion is to participate in the development of e-learning training programs in the corporate world using information and communication technologies. Currently, she is studying at Laval University in the master’s program in Educational Technology.

As a research assistant for the Chair (winter 2020), Chloé explores strategies to ensure an efficient and effective online presence of the Chair on several platforms. Occasionally she updated the content of certain sections of the Chair’s website and prepared the visual elements used in projects such as the Map of tech spaces in the province of Quebec and the Map of research centres in the province of Quebec.

To contact Chloé:

Ludivine Bouillon is currently doing a Master’s degree in Educational Technology at Laval University. She previously obtained a Bachelor’s degree from the Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux (France) and a Bachelor’s degree in MIASHS _ Mathematics and Applied Computer Science in Human and Social Sciences_ specialized in Cognitive Sciences at the University of Bordeaux. She is interested in alternative pedagogies and new learning technologies. Her multidisciplinary background allows her to articulate her knowledge in education, cognitive sciences, new technologies, and artistic practices.

As a research assistant for the Chair (winter 2020), Ludivine worked on the design of the EduTechno+ Corner.

To contact Ludivine: