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Students in the Instructional and Training Systems Design (Design de systèmes d’enseignement et de formation) course discuss key questions related to instructional design with Edouard Rotondo, President of Studio 7 Communications

January 20, 2020

As part of the course Designing Teaching and Training Systems, both face-to-face and online students met with Mr. Edouard Rotondo President of Studio 7 Communication, to discuss key questions related to instructional design.

Topics discussed included labor market expectations about instructional designers’ skills and competencies and the roles they play in different contexts. Rotondo shared concrete examples of instructional design projects and took the students through the process of designing training programs from the first meeting with the client, needs analysis, to the production and evaluation of solutions. He shared his negotiation strategies to ensure the best solutions for learners. He also explained in detail the importance of performance analysis.

Some of the questions that our students asked:

  • Who are the members of a team working on a training project?
  • How long does a project last, on average (from needs analysis to design/summative evaluation)? How can this time be determined? What is the timeline of a project? Its budget? The cost of the program?
  • How do you ensure access to a SME?
  • What do you do when you don’t have access to your learners?
  • Do you follow ADDIE or AGILE?
  • What is the general profile of your clientele?
  • Among your services is the creation of serious games to increase learner involvement. Can you give us an example of a game created and its context? Generally speaking, what are the contexts that lend themselves particularly well to their use or that, on the contrary, prohibit their use?
  • Creating a narrative does not require the same skills as writing a text: what advice would you give for a successful narrative?
  • Can a young graduate like us (e.g. DESS) be hired in your structure and be trained internally, or does he need to increase his level of education? If he needs to increase his level, with what type of degree (Master’s degree in Educational Technology?).
  • What type of employee profile are you looking for?
  • Are the positions “specialized” or does everyone have to be able to function in any position?
  • Is there one person more oriented towards needs analysis for companies and another in pedagogical design, or on each project everyone participates from needs analysis to pedagogical design?

Click here for Edouard’s answers and here for audio excerpts of his visit.