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SSHRC Connection Grant application accepted for the project: Facilitating Learning in FabLabs and Makerspaces

April 8, 2020

Our application for the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Connexion Grant entitled Facilitating Learning in FabLabs and Makerspaces was accepted.

This project will constitute the first collaboration with Ann-Louise Davidson‘s Chair in Maker Culture at Concordia University and the team at Musée de la civilization with Ana-Laura Baz, Brigitte Belleville et Nadine Davignon.

A summary extract:
The Unconference on facilitating learning in FabLabs and makerspaces, to be held at the Musée de la civilization in Québec City and at the Milieux Institute for Arts, Culture and Technology at Concordia University, will be the first of its kind. Despite the growth of the worldwide maker movement and its related innovation ecosystems, there is a scarcity of opportunities for practitioners who are involved in all aspects of education to get together and exchange new contemporary living knowledge emerging from different locations. These unprecedented events will bring together top practitioners, scholars, and students who are actively involved in the facilitation of maker education within schools, colleges, universities, libraries, museums, and community centres. The goal of the first Unconference on Facilitating Learning in FabLabs and Makerspaces is to create channels of communication between FabLabs and makerspace facilitators, researchers and stakeholders.

Several events between Montreal and Quebec City will be announced after the end of the COVID19 pandemic.