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New funded project: Facing the challenge of digital transformation in the insurance sector: women at work

June 12, 2020

The Future Skills Centre invests in 30 research projects including the one proposed by Laval University: Female workers facing the challenge of digital information: A case study in the insurance sector

“A consortium of researchers at Université Laval  who are tapped into international networks examining the implications of artificial intelligence and other digital innovations  and their partners will analyze the skills development needs for female workers, organizations, and the insurance sector to diagnose current, foreseeable (or unforeseeable) changes for the industry, creating training pathways and career support for female workers who may be displaced into more future-facing jobs. .”

La collaboration à l’Université Laval se fait sur ce projet entre le CRIEVAT, l’ATN, l’OBVIA, le CeRTIA, et l’IDD.

Dr. Naffi, a regular researcher at the CRIEVAT, is part of the research team working on this project.

The official announcement is found here.