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Accentures – Future Workforce Insights
Accenture is A Fortune Global 500, Irish-domiciled multinational professional services company that provides services in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations, and insights about putting human skills at the heart of competitiveness and growth in the age of intelligent technology.

Ai Lab.
AiLab (Artificial Intelligence Laboratory) enables readers to navigate the Artificial Intelligence (AI) landscape via a collection of online and offline Artificial Intelligence resources, including useful information, easy to digest explanations, a glossary of terms, publications and more.

ALLAI (Alliance on Artificial Intelligence) is an initiative of Catelijne Muller, Aimee van Wynsberghe and Virginia Dignum, three Dutch members of the EU High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence to involve all stakeholders in the process of achieving Responsible AI.

The Association for the Educational Application of Computer Technology at the Post-Secondary Level (APOP) is a nonprofit professional association, established in 1982, working to promote the pedagogical integration of IT (Information Technology) into teaching and learning.

Big Think
A large archive of lessons from the people changing how we work, live, and experience.

Boxes and Arrows
Boxes and Arrows is a peer-written journal devoted to the practice, innovation, and discussion of design—including graphic design, interaction design, information architecture, and the design of business.

Business Insider
Business Insider is a fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals.

Campus Technology
Campus Technology is one of higher education’s top information sources — delivering valuable information via a daily site, monthly digital magazine, newsletters, webinars, and online tools. It provides in-depth coverage of the technologies and implementations influencing colleges and universities.

Canadian HR Reporter
In-depth HR-related news coverage from Canada and around the world, along with the latest employment law developments, and expert columnists covering a variety of topics such as recruitment, mental health, diversity, performance management, and employee engagement.

Chief Learning Officer (CLO)
Chief Learning Officer is a multimedia publication focused on the importance, benefits, and advancements of a properly trained workforce. The content caters specifically to executives in the enterprise learning market.

CTDO magazine
CTDO (Chief Talent Development Officer) is a quarterly digital magazine for current and aspiring talent development executives. The content written for C-suite leaders provides a high-level look at the top trends in talent development and offers practical solutions to burning challenges in the field.

Deloitte provides audit & assurance, consulting, financial advisory, risk advisory, tax and related services to public and private clients spanning multiple industries.

Pertinent insights, research, trends, and events focused on L&D and business success.

Digital Learning Consortium
The Digital Learning Consortium includes some of the world’s largest firms, L&D industry leaders, and top academic institutions. It was created to strengthen online learning opportunities for professionals, enhancing the skills they need to succeed in a global economy. It promotes a vision of connected silos between all organizations, big and small, in which shared approaches drive the broad adoption of digital learning solutions and enhance innovative thinking on a global scale.

Digital Trends
Digital Trends, a large independent premium technology, an award-winning multimedia brand with more than 6 million social followers and a website that reaches 30 million worldwide, covers tech, not just gadgets, but the powers they unlock in our life, the story of the people who made them, and the way they’re reshaping the world outside our window. Digital Trends filters the torrent of devices and innovation that surround us.

Educational Technology
Free access to resources about edtech.

e-Learn Magazine
eLearn Magazine is an open-access, blind peer-reviewed publication at the intersection of eLearning research and practice.

E-Learning Heroes
Articulate pros worldwide share their best examples, inspirational slides, interactions, assessments, and more.

e-Literate is a mission-driven organization dedicated to helping higher education and the education companies that serve them continuously improve in their efforts to enable more students to succeed in a 21st-Century world.

École branchée
L’École branchée is a non-profit organization whose activities have been contributing to the advancement of education by helping it meet the challenges of the digital age to promote student success by taking advantage of current pedagogical tools and approaches. 

A leading education news organization that reports on the people, ideas and technologies that shape the future of learning.

EdTech Magazine
EdTech: Focus on Higher Education explores technology and education issues that IT leaders and educators face when they’re evaluating and implementing a solution.

Education Makers
Education Makers develop learning communities around maker culture with schools, community organizations, colleges, and universities. Maker culture embodies do-it-yourself tinkering using tiny, affordable open-source computers, electronics, and recycled items to further sustainability, equity, social innovation, the democratization of innovation and community building.

Education Technology
A free, subscription-only monthly magazine featuring the latest edtech news, opinion, and event information from across the entire education sector, including primary and secondary schools, further education and higher education.

Education Technology Magazine
Education Technology Solutions introduces teachers and IT staff to the latest products, services, and developments in education technology with a view to providing practical how-to guidance designed to facilitate the integration of those products and services into the school environment in the most productive and beneficial manner possible.

EDUCAUSE is a nonprofit association whose mission is to advance higher education through the use of information technology.

Educause Review
EDUCAUSE Review® takes a broad look at current developments and trends in information technology, how they may affect the college/university as an institution, and what these mean for higher education and society in addition to articles, practical advice and guidance, interactive elements, and multimedia about managing and using information resources in higher education.

EduGrowth: EdTech Daily
A community of education providers, industry participants and edtech entrepreneurs committed to reimagining learning in the digital age.

elearning feeds
e-Learning Feeds ranks and scores hundreds of Top e-Learning blogs while helping e-Learning oriented readers to answer the question “What’s happening in the e-Learning Industry on a daily basis based on the Top e-Learning Blogs”.

eLearning Learning
eLearning Learning brings together the best content for eLearning and corporate training professionals from the widest variety of industry thought leaders.

eLearning Industry
eLearning Industry is a network-based media and publishing company. It is the one of the largest online community of eLearning professionals in the industry and was created as a knowledge-sharing platform to help eLearning professionals and instructional designers connect in a safe online community where they can stay up to date with the latest industry news and technologies and find projects or jobs.

Ericsson Digital
Shares the latest digital technology trends.
Making deep learning easier to use and getting more people from all backgrounds involved.

Forbes AI
Forbes Insights and Intel tap leading voices, highlight emerging trends and showcase compelling research to create a 360-degree look at artificial intelligence.

Gartner Human Resources
A research and advisory company that provides senior leaders across the enterprise with the indispensable business insights, advice and tools they need to achieve their mission-critical priorities and build the organizations of tomorrow.

Getting Smart
A media channel that provides a place for edleaders to share innovations in learning and build a community-driven by equity and access.

A media channel that provides a place for edleaders to share innovations in learning and build a community-driven by equity and access.

Harvard Business Review
Harvard Business Review (HBR) is a general management magazine published by Harvard Business Publishing, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Harvard University. It covers a wide range of topics that are relevant to various industries, management functions, and geographic locations.

HPT Treasures
A must check human performance technology curated free key resources.
Resources for education, career development, networking, and compliance.

Inside Higher Ed
Inside Higher Ed is one of the leading digital media company serving the higher education space and the go-to online source for higher education news, thought leadership, careers, and resources.

Instructional Design Central
Instructional Design Central (IDC) was created to provide instructional design and learning design-related professionals access to resources, tools, and content so that they can be successful in their careers and education.  IDC is also a vibrant community that connects over 18,000 instructional design-related professionals around the globe in more than 20 countries worldwide.

Jeunes et médias
Information portal dedicated to the promotion of media skills.

Kids Code Jeunesse
A bilingual Canadian charity determined to give every Canadian child access to digital skills education, with a focus on girls and underserved communities.

La Vitrine technologie-éducation (VTÉ)
Vitrine technologie-éducation (VTÉ) is a non-profit organization with the mission to promote and support the integration of information and communication technologies (ICTs) into education.

LEARN Quebec
LEARN (Leading English Education and Resource Network) is a non-profit educational organization with a mandate to serve the English-speaking community of Quebec.

LearnGeek is leading the way in the emerging conversation around artificial intelligence and organizational learning. This page includes a collection of resources to help L&D professionals explore the potential for AI to transform their workplace learning strategies.

Learning News
Interviews and news from across the learning sector.

Learning Solutions
Learning Solutions is a leading industry publication offering an insider’s perspective that is focused on supporting eLearning professionals. Featuring articles from members of the eLearning Guild community and experts who work in the learning space every day, Learning Solutions offers practical, solution-oriented information—on design, development, management, technology, and executive matters—that readers can use to make well-informed business decisions to ensure their organization’s success with eLearning.

Le café pédagogique
“All the educational news on the internet”.

Le cnam Cnesco Centre national d’étude des systèmes scolaires
Le Centre national d’étude des systèmes scolaires (Cnesco) evaluates, analyses and supports school policies, systems, and practices. It aims to improve knowledge of the French and foreign school systems in order to create dynamics of change in schools. It has been attached to the Conservatoire national des arts et métiers (Cnam)since 1 September 2019 within the laboratoire Formation et apprentissages professionnels (Foap).

Les Outils Collaboratifs
This site curates the new collaborative tools that are defining our new way of working. Collaborative tools for business, open-source collaborative tools or free collaborative tools.

Les outils de la veille
One of the French-speaking reference sites to follow the news of the new online tools for the day before. Competitive intelligence, strategic intelligence, price monitoring, etc.

Les Outils Tice
This site provides the latest news on ICTE sites and tools.

L’Institut Intelligence et Données (IID) de l’Université Laval
The Institut Intelligence et Données (IID) at Université Laval brings together the driving forces related to research and innovation in artificial intelligence and data science in the Greater Quebec City area.

Ludovia Magazine (or Ludomag) is an online media about digital education, the use of digital technologies in training and education both in primary, secondary and higher education institutions and in university and specialized education.

McKinsey & Company Quarterly
Essential content on key issues in digital reinvention, from modernizing IT to competing in digital ecosystems.

Mega Planning
Articles en lien avec : la planification stratégique, l’amélioration des performances, la gestion de la qualité et l’amélioration continue, l’évaluation des besoins, la gestion et l’évaluation, découlant du travail de Roger Kaufman désigné comme le père de l’évaluation des besoins .

Media Smarts
MediaSmarts has been developing digital and media literacy programs and resources for Canadian homes, schools and communities since 1996. They support adults with information and tools so they can help children and teens develop the critical thinking skills they need for interacting with the media they love.

Mega Planning
Articles related to: strategic planning, performance improvement, quality management and continuous improvement, needs assessment, management and evaluation, derived from the work of Roger Kaufman referred to as the father of needs assessment.

MIT Technology Review
A global media company whose reach is rapidly expanding. The mission of the MIT Technology Review is to bring about better-informed and more conscious decisions about technology through authoritative, influential, and trustworthy journalism.

Modern Workplace Learning
MWL Magazine is an online publication that focuses on helping L&D teams provide a modern service for today’s workforce.

Montréal Artificial Intelligence, a research company at the forefront of the AI field. It aims to make Québec the world leader in artificial intelligence by 2030.

Nielsen Norman Group
A UX research and consulting firm trusted by leading organizations worldwide to provide reliable guidance on user experience, with a free library of over 1000 articles including research findings, guidelines, and UX methods.

Observatory of Educational Innovation
A prospective, intelligence and organizational learning unit at Tecnológico de Monterrey devoted to educational foresight.

Observatory on the Societal Impacts of AI and Digital Technologies
Supported financially by the Fonds de recherche du Québec, the Observatory helps communities, organizations, and individuals maximize the positive impacts of AI and digital technology and minimize the negative effects of the technologies.

OLC Insight
OLC is a collaborative community of higher education leaders and innovators, dedicated to advancing quality digital teaching and learning experiences designed to reach and engage the modern learner – anyone, anywhere, anytime.

OpenEd – Digital Education
Selection of open textbooks for a variety of subjects and specialties

Performance Improvement
Published in partnership with John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Performance Improvement is an acclaimed journal geared toward practitioners of performance technology in the workplace. Learn from hands-on experiences with models, interventions, “how-to” guides, and ready-to-use job aids, as well as research articles. Performance Improvement also offers updates on trends, reviews, and field viewpoints. The journal deals with all types of interventions and all phases of the HPT process. The common theme is performance improvement practice or technique that is supported by research or germane theory.

Insights on tech trends

Policy Horizons Canada
A federal government organization that conducts foresight. Its mandate is to help the Government of Canada develop future-oriented policies and programs that are more robust and resilient in the face of disruptive change on the horizon.

Québec Artificial Intelligence, a research company at the forefront of the AI field, is developing and commercializing the most significant technology ever created. It aims to make Québec the world leader in AI by 2030.

Radio Canada Techno
Mise à jour de l’évolution des nouvelles technologies : réseaux sociaux, jeux vidéo, applications, Facebook et les rumeurs, analyses de La sphère.

The RÉCIT is a network focused on the development of students’ skills through the Integration of Technologies. It is mainly through the training, support and accompaniment of the teaching staff that RÉCIT achieves this mandate while developing a culture of networking and sharing.

REFAD brings together individuals and organizations interested in promoting and developing education in French through distance education.

Responsible Robotics
A non-profit Dutch organization whose mission is to shape a future of responsible (AI based) robotics design, development, use, regulation, and implementation. We do this by organizing and hosting events, publishing consultation documents, and creating public-private collaborations.

Road to VR
A leading independent news publication dedicated to the consumer virtual reality industry and explores the bleeding edge of virtual reality, augmented reality, and human-computer interaction.

Sites sur l’éducation et la pédagogie by Philippe Meirieu
A list of sites that “allow us to obtain valuable documents and to complete in a timely manner the reflection on the history and current state of pedagogy.”

Talent Economy
A groundbreaking media brand devoted to helping C-suite leaders and business executives thrive in the competitive, innovation-fueled economy.

Talented Learning
Talented Learning, LLC is an independent research and consulting firm devoted to helping organizations of all sizes choose and use LMS solutions and related technologies for their unique business needs. Its content is designed to inform and educate professionals responsible for technologies and strategies that drive learning among business customers and prospects, channel partners, association members, and franchisees, as well as corporate workforce development.

TD magazine
TD magazine is ATD’s award-winning monthly magazine that covers industry best practices, emerging technologies, and trends.

TechSmith provides screen capture software and solutions for anyone who wants to create and share images and videos for better training, tutorials, lessons, and everyday communication.

The Chronicle of Higher Education
A leader in higher education journalism, a newsroom home to top experts in higher education, serves readers with indispensable real-time news and deep insights covering colleges and universities.

The eLearning Guild
The eLearning Guild is the oldest and most trusted source of information, networking, and community for eLearning professionals.

THE Journal
THE Journal is dedicated to informing and educating K-12 senior-level district and school administrators, technologists, and tech-savvy educators within districts, schools, and classrooms to improve and advance the learning process through the use of technology.

The Learning and Skills Group
The Learning and Skills Group (LSG) is an international community of L&D professionals interested in organizational learning and learning technology.

The Society for Human Resource Management
The Society for Human Resource Management creates better workplaces where employers and employees thrive together. As the voice of all things works, workers and the workplace, SHRM is the foremost expert, convener and thought leader on issues impacting today’s evolving workplaces.

Thot Cursus- Formation et culture numérique
Dedicated to the promotion of learning in all its forms, Thot Cursus has been online since 1996 and deals with the training and use of digital tools and resources for education and culture in all fields of human activity.

Training Industry Magazine
Training Industry is a trusted source of information on the business of learning.

Training Journal
Training Journal focuses on learning and development and aims to provide the L&D practitioner with the knowledge, tools, and inspiration they need to produce bottom-line results for their organizations’ and engagement, motivation and success for their people.

Training Magazine
Training magazine is a professional development magazine that advocates training and workforce development as a business tool. The magazine delves into management issues such as leadership and succession planning, HR issues such as recruitment and retention, and training issues such as learning theory, on-the-job skills assessments and aligning core workforce competencies to enhance the bottom-line impact of training and development programs.

Training Zone
Training Zone covers a range of topics including learning technologies, skills, learning culture, apprenticeships, neuroscience-based learning, leadership development, engagement, and performance.

UNESCO Education
The Organization is the only United Nations agency with a mandate to cover all aspects of education. is the leading resource for user experience (UX) best practices and guidelines, serving practitioners and students in the government and private sectors.

UX Collective
Curated stories on user experience, visual, and product design.

Wired is a monthly American magazine, published in print and online editions, that focuses on how emerging technologies affect culture, the economy, and politics.

The workforce research team shares about the issues affecting modern workforces and the best practices that top organizations are adopting.

World Economic Forum
The World Economic Forum is the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation. The Forum engages the foremost political, business, cultural and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.

World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE)
WISE is an international, multi-sectoral platform for creative thinking, debate and purposeful action. Through both, the biennial Summit and a range of ongoing programs, WISE is promoting innovation and building the future of education through collaboration.

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