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The 9th Digital Summit in Education | Ensuring Authentic and Equitable Assessment in Digital Contexts in a Pandemic: A Universal Challenge [Event in French]

April 29, 2021 14:00

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring equitable and quality education for students, as well as effective assessment of their learning in different ways, has become a universal challenge for any higher education institution. COVID-19 has caused a much-anticipated disruption in higher education, which is essential to ensuring students are well equipped for the future of work in the digital age, but this disruption has required pedagogical approaches tailored to the new needs and realities of students and faculty. In this presentation, I will discuss formative and summative evaluation strategies and instruments, such as the self-study journal, peer feedback and peer reviews, which I adopted in the Development of Teaching and Training Systems (Développement de systèmes d’enseignement et de formation) course with graduate students presenting a wide range of computer skills and familiarity with mobile training production software. The goal was to create a meaningful assessment for students that measures their learning in a genuine and fair manner. I will conclude with a reflection on student reactions, lessons learned and the sustainability and scalability of these strategies in the digital age.