Active – MOOC on the Design, Development and Implementation of a HyFlex Learning Experience – CREAM (Conception, Réalisation d’Expériences d’Apprentissage Multimodales)


Design, develop and implement a MOOC that focuses on the design, development and implementation of a HyFlex learning experience, for four groups of learners: students enrolled in a distance course, instructional and learning experience designers, professors and institutions.

With a pragmatic approach, the design of this MOOC mobilizes research findings on the quality and efficiency of HyFlex learning experiences to support learner engagement, persistence, and success. The most recent work on the use of learning analytics will also support the design of this MOOC. To address diversity, different learning paths and levels will be offered to learners.


Claire-Odile Peltier-Ghebali

Eric Martel

Thierry Eude

Catherine Mongenet

research professional