The 9th Digital Summit in Education | Symposium | A Rapid Shift to Digital and Online Education in Universities: Impacts for and through Support Services [Event in French]

April 30, 2021 13:00

In more than a thousand years of history, higher education has never experienced such upheavals. The COVID-19 pandemic has put a strain on academic support offices but has also highlighted their critical role and that of their teams. This symposium will begin with three presentations by Nadia Naffi, holder of the Chair in Educational Leadership (CLE) in Innovative Pedagogical Practices in Digital Contexts – National Bank at Université Laval, Bruno Poellhuber, Academic Director of the Centre de pédagogie universitaire (CPU) at the University of Montreal and Florian Meyer, Head of the Pôle d’innovation technopédagogique at the University of Sherbrooke. These three researchers are members of GRIIPTIC, the Inter-university Research Group on the Pedagogical Integration of ICT in Education (Groupe de recherche interuniversitaire sur l’intégration pédagogique des TIC).