ACFAS | Centres for Teaching and Learning in the Midst of the Pandemic [Event in French]

May 4, 2021 13:55


547 – L’enseignement supérieur en contexte de pandémie de COVID-19 : naviguer entre les défis et les opportunités


At the outbreak of the pandemic in March 2020, the centres for teaching and learning (bureaux de soutien à l’enseignement, BSE), equivalent entities and their teams of educational designers, teaching experts, learning and multimedia design were at the forefront of the educational and digital transformation of all courses. As the academic heroes of COVID-19, they faced challenges that tackled their ability to support faculty and students during the online transition but also highlighted their critical role and that of their teams. COVID-19 has caused a much-anticipated disruption in higher education and the academic support offices must now more than ever motivate, guide and equip faculty across disciplines as they adapt and redefine their courses and programs. During this presentation, we will share lessons learned and recommendations for the post-Covid university of 19 centres for teaching and learning and equivalent entities from Canada, the United States, Lebanon, the United Kingdom and France that we met in the summer of 2020, and then at the Leading the Future of Higher Ed – Planning for Sustainability symposium we hosted in the fall of 2020. 


Nadia Naffi (Université Laval), Ann-Louise Davidson (Concordia University)